1500 meters, so close, and yet so far – Walking in Spain’s Costa Blanca

Last Sunday I received a message from Nima – www.abenteuer-spanien.de – …“Hi Kris, we’re stopping quite close to you, somewhere in the middle of nowhere.” And she sent some coordinates. I put the coordinates into Google and was surprised.

Petzl - a happy dog!

Petzl – a happy dog!

Yes, they were indeed close in their red “Horst,” as 1500 meters is definitely not far away. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that you are able to pass by for a quick coffee here in the Costa Blanca. Nima and her partner Steve were camping by a spring in the next valley over and about 400 meters higher than us.

So I took the car the next day and after a 30 minutes drive Continue Reading →

Walking around the Puig

Today we received an e-mail of Manuela, Anja and Lenny who wanted to thank us for the great time they had here at the Costa Blanca. Thanks a lot, we really enjoyed reading your e-mail.

“Walking around the Puig

Now I’m sitting in the grey Germany and looking at the photos of my last vacation in Spain. It was actually around a year ago when my sister, my son and me soaked up some sun in Spain’s Costa Blanca.

Beautiful view towards the Mediterranean

Beautiful view towards the Mediterranean

It was a wonderful holiday, not at all boring and one of the highlights was definitely the Continue Reading →

To the summit of the “sleeping lion”

The Ponoig close to Polop is also known as the “sleeping lion”. It offers brilliant multi-pitch climbing, a nice and exposed Via Ferrata which we did last week as well as several walks.

Tony on the start of the via ferrata

This week we guided a lovely client from Benidorm  to the summit of Ponoig. Tony picked up Clare in Benidorm at 09:00 am and took her to Continue Reading →

Sella’s “Water Route”

20151021_103941Rainy season in the Costa Blanca. A few days ago we just went for a short walk, but it was worth it. We just walked a bit along Sella’s “Water Route” to see one of the highlights of this nice walk around Sella – the waterfalls which are only running during rainy periods.



Here some more impressions which invited us to stay a bit longer at that nice spot.




Climbing Destination “Costa Blanca”

The Costa Blanca currently experience a renaissance as a very well known climbing area for people who like to escape the northern European winter.

Doggy GuantanamoThe area is mentioned as one of the winter destination for climbers in the low- and mid-grades on the British climbing, mountaineering and hillwalking forum, UK Climbing!

Here the article: How to Survive Your First Sport Climbing Holiday

Furthermore, the British Mountaineering Council (BMC) released an article about Spain’s secret escapes for climbers up to the mid-grades.

Find out more about the Spanish secrets: top 5 best mid-grade sport climbing destinations.

Costa Vertical is operating out of Sella and Finestrat and Tony Pearson even owns one of the crags mentioned in the BMC article.The topo is available on our website here.

So, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will organize an unforgettable climbing holiday for you in the Costa Blanca – it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or experienced climber.

Enjoy reading the two articles and we hope they convince you to visit.



Fiestas in Finestrat

The Fiestasin Finestrat are held around every 24th of August for over a hundred years. The Fiestas” are dedicated to the patron saint of the village, San Bartolomé, and the Santísimo Cristo del Remedio.

During the celebrations, the village is colorfully decorated. The locals gather to wine and dine in the so-called Penyas” small bars in garages and private houses that are open only for the Fiestas”.

Fireworks are an everyday occurrence, whether early in the morning to get up Las Despertás“, in the evening, to say goodbye to the day, or simply to celebrate a big party, the Correfoc”. It pops, hisses, and burns everywhere.

Here are some impressions from this year’s Correfoc,” which found its completion in front of our home base in Finestrat:

Correfoc 2015

Picture 1 of 6

Photo: Jörg Beigang

Fiestas in Finestrat from Kristina Beigang on Vimeo. Film Maker: Rhiannon Craze-Waldron.

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Tony's Van_DepartureEnd of the climbing season in the Costa Blanca. The second van – see above – is heading North as well. If you spot one of our vans  till August 14th, take a photo, send it to our e-mail or post it on our “Facebook“-page with the place you spotted it and claim your discount. The 10% discount is valid on all offers you’ll find on “our offer” page from September 2015 onwards.

If you spot both vans together we might have a surprise for you.

We wish you luck and hope to see yThe ou next season.

Happy spotting!

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Finestrat belongs to the most beautiful villages in the Costa Blanca area. It’s nested between its Mediterranean beach of Cala Finestrat and its nearby mountain Puig Campana.

The village itself offers beautiful views towards the sea and the surrounding mountains. Furthermore, its hanging houses, the colourfully painted facades and narrow roads still reflect the Moorish influence on the village’s architecture.

In Finestrat and its surroundings you are able to practise a big variety of outdoor activities, but due to its location and infrastructure it also facilitates a perfect holiday location for the whole family.

Find out more about one of the villages you’ll get to know and might stay in during your stay with us in the following video.

Barranc del Cint

One of our shorter walks we offer is the “Barranc del Cint”. From the Alcoy side a large canyon forms a natural gateway into the “Sierra de la Mariola” mountain range.

The Gateway into the

The Gateway into the “Sierra de la Mariola”

During our walk through the canyon vultures accompanied us. Spotting vultures in the “Barranc del Cint” is nearly a guarantee and we really enjoyed those big birds soaring above our heads. Continue Reading →

“Spot the Van” and claim 10 % off on your next booking with “Costa Vertical”

The end of the season at the Costa Blanca is close. The first van is heading North today. If you spot the “Costa Vertical” van above between May 14th and August 14th, take a photo, send it to our e-mail or post it on our “Facebook“-page with the place you spotted it and claim your discount. The 10% discount is valid on all offers you’ll find on “our offer” page from September 2015 onwards.

We wish you luck and hope to see you next season.

Happy spotting!

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