Barranc del Cint

One of our shorter walks we offer is the “Barranc del Cint”. From the Alcoy side a large canyon forms a natural gateway into the “Sierra de la Mariola” mountain range.

The Gateway into the

The Gateway into the “Sierra de la Mariola”

During our walk through the canyon vultures accompanied us. Spotting vultures in the “Barranc del Cint” is nearly a guarantee and we really enjoyed those big birds soaring above our heads. Continue Reading →

Walking in the Parque Natural de la Sierra de Mariola

Castillo de Cocentaina at sunrise

At the end of January we decided to go inland and to discover the area around Cocentaina and Alcoy. There the Sierra de Mariola and its surrounding nature park rewards the visitor with splendid views towards the highest mountain of the Costa Blanca, the Aitana at 1558 m, and towards the Mediterranean. Furthermore, the nature park is known for its extraordinary flora, especially medicinal herbs, trees and plants. Continue Reading →