Guadalest is one of the most beautiful villages of the Costa Blanca. It’s nestling between spectacular mountain ranges – the Sierra Aitana, the Sierra Serrella and the Sierra Xortá.

During our climbing courses, walking holidays and guided walks you will be able to discover Guadalest from the distance as it catches your eye while walking through the Sierras of the Costa Blanca or during a visit after a walking or climbing day. The climbing area we use is directly underneath the village and sometimes we stop by at the climber’s refuge in Guadalest which is run by Marisol and Miguel – dedicated climbers and brilliant hosts – for a coffee or beer as well.

Click on the photo and enjoy a 360° panoramic tour around Guadalest and the surrounding areas. Enjoy.

Thanks to Panoramicas Aereas for those brilliant shot.

Sella’s “Water Route” – Easy Walks in the Costa Blanca


The village of Sella

Sella’s “Water Route” is one of the easier walks here in the Costa Blanca. We already did parts of the walk before and visited its waterfalls in October which are fed by the spring in the “Barranc de L’Arc” after heavy rains.

Today we walked from the “Alcantara” spring via “La Solana” into the village of Sella. After a short break we continued towards the park surrounding the water mill Continue Reading →

1500 meters, so close, and yet so far – Walking in Spain’s Costa Blanca

Last Sunday I received a message from Nima – – …“Hi Kris, we’re stopping quite close to you, somewhere in the middle of nowhere.” And she sent some coordinates. I put the coordinates into Google and was surprised.

Petzl - a happy dog!

Petzl – a happy dog!

Yes, they were indeed close in their red “Horst,” as 1500 meters is definitely not far away. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that you are able to pass by for a quick coffee here in the Costa Blanca. Nima and her partner Steve were camping by a spring in the next valley over and about 400 meters higher than us.

So I took the car the next day and after a 30 minutes drive Continue Reading →

Walking around the Puig

Today we received an e-mail of Manuela, Anja and Lenny who wanted to thank us for the great time they had here at the Costa Blanca. Thanks a lot, we really enjoyed reading your e-mail.

“Walking around the Puig

Now I’m sitting in the grey Germany and looking at the photos of my last vacation in Spain. It was actually around a year ago when my sister, my son and me soaked up some sun in Spain’s Costa Blanca.

Beautiful view towards the Mediterranean

Beautiful view towards the Mediterranean

It was a wonderful holiday, not at all boring and one of the highlights was definitely the Continue Reading →

To the summit of the “sleeping lion”

The Ponoig close to Polop is also known as the “sleeping lion”. It offers brilliant multi-pitch climbing, a nice and exposed Via Ferrata which we did last week as well as several walks.

Tony on the start of the via ferrata

This week we guided a lovely client from Benidorm  to the summit of Ponoig. Tony picked up Clare in Benidorm at 09:00 am and took her to Continue Reading →

Sella’s “Water Route”

20151021_103941Rainy season in the Costa Blanca. A few days ago we just went for a short walk, but it was worth it. We just walked a bit along Sella’s “Water Route” to see one of the highlights of this nice walk around Sella – the waterfalls which are only running during rainy periods.



Here some more impressions which invited us to stay a bit longer at that nice spot.




Walking in the Parque Natural de la Sierra de Mariola

Castillo de Cocentaina at sunrise

At the end of January we decided to go inland and to discover the area around Cocentaina and Alcoy. There the Sierra de Mariola and its surrounding nature park rewards the visitor with splendid views towards the highest mountain of the Costa Blanca, the Aitana at 1558 m, and towards the Mediterranean. Furthermore, the nature park is known for its extraordinary flora, especially medicinal herbs, trees and plants. Continue Reading →

The Ridges Of Cabezón De Oro

Cabezón is an area that is fast becoming a favorite of the “Costa Vertical Team”. There is a great variety of activities that can be enjoyed there.  On this trip we decide to sample the delights of its two main ridges “Cresta de les Coves” and “Cresta las Jotas”.  These two ridges can be done independently or linked together for an exciting full day trip.

“Cresta de les Coves.


Looking along the Cresta de Los Coves from the start.

After an early start we arrived at the parking which is below the visitor center for the Coves de Canelobre, and walked up to and through the center car park. There is a path that leaves at the far end of the car park and drops down for 500m to the start of the ridge.  Access to the ridge is a simple short scramble with no need for a rope.  The ridge is easy to follow as there is no deviation from it and no need to by pass any difficulties. Continue Reading →