Chulilla seen from the opposite side of the gorge.

This weekend the Costa Vertical team and friends took a trip up north to Chulilla.  It is located about an hour inland from Valencia along the CV-35, and 2.5 hours from Finestrat.


One of the bridges that cross the Rio Turia

The first day there we took a walk from the Dam down through the gorge to the village to get a feel for the area. The gorge is impressive with towering walls on both sides up to 80m above a meandering river that runs through the bottom.  There is a very well way-marked path through the gorge to the village, this crosses the river a number of times via bridges.  This path was originally used by the villagers to get to the dam to work on its construction. Continue Reading →

The Ridges Of Cabezón De Oro

Cabezón is an area that is fast becoming a favorite of the “Costa Vertical Team”. There is a great variety of activities that can be enjoyed there.  On this trip we decide to sample the delights of its two main ridges “Cresta de les Coves” and “Cresta las Jotas”.  These two ridges can be done independently or linked together for an exciting full day trip.

“Cresta de les Coves.


Looking along the Cresta de Los Coves from the start.

After an early start we arrived at the parking which is below the visitor center for the Coves de Canelobre, and walked up to and through the center car park. There is a path that leaves at the far end of the car park and drops down for 500m to the start of the ridge.  Access to the ridge is a simple short scramble with no need for a rope.  The ridge is easy to follow as there is no deviation from it and no need to by pass any difficulties. Continue Reading →

“Diedros Mágicos”, 6a (E1) – Puig Campana


“Diedros Mágicos”, 6a (E1)

Keeping a promise I made to myself this season, I set off for the Puig Campana with Craig Naylor to climb a route on this awesome mountain.  I have always wondered why I drive all over the Costa Blanca climbing, when this great venue is on my door step. This was to be my third route on the mountain, and we had selected “Diedros Mágicos”, 6a (E1).

The route is Continue Reading →