Yoga & Climbing Retreat

Yoga & Climbing

Strong Body And Mind.”
Climbing Technique. Fall Practice. Relax. Enjoy.

18. – 25. April 2020


All inclusive holiday to train your body and mind

Great way to start the new climbing season

Daily yoga to improve your flexibility, coordination and mind

Daily climbing sessions to improve your climbing techniques

Learn how to fall properly and to project routes

from 789€

Have you ever thought about how often you hold yourself back when climbing? Or about how often you shout “take!” to your belayer as soon as you feel insecure?

If you can relate to that, you cannot miss these transformational days in sunny Spain.

Far away from daily distractions, our yoga & climbing holidays will help you to concentrate on your physical and mental power so that you return stronger, more vibrant and self-confident than before. You’ll take an experience of pure strength, vibrancy, and fun with you.

We will cover 3 fundamental topics that will change the way how you climb and how you feel.

  1. If you don’t fall, you don’t climb at your limit. Learn how to fall safely and how to apply safety when belaying someone who’s falling.
  1. Learn how to recharge and free your body efficiently with yoga, and discover strategies that will help you free your mind.
  2. Learn how to strengthen your willpower with yoga and create rituals for a daily power practice.

And yes, we will have a lot of fun enjoying the best climbing spots at Costa Blanca, yoga on the amazing beach and tasty food. 🙂


& Get to know

Yoga & Climbing =>
Analysis of your climbing style. Tips & Tricks.

Yoga & Climbing => Focus your mind while climbing.

Yoga & Climbi
ng => Fall training & Belaying Techniques

Rest Day => Visit Valencia or Alicante, enjoy the beach, discover local villages or just relax

DAY 6 & 7
Yoga & Climbing => Work your project.


If you are a climber who meets one of the following criteria our “Yoga & Climbing” Holidays are suitable for you:

* You are looking to transfer the skills you have from climbing indoors to the outdoors?
* You are already leading up to 6a indoors and / or outdoors, but something is holding you back?
* You are climbing outdoors already on toprope, and you want to start leading confidently in a safe environment?
* You are new to sport climbing and would like to know more about our sport?

from 789€

6 Replies to “Yoga & Climbing Retreat”

  1. Anonymous

    Tolle Idee, allerdings würde ich das Programm gern mit meinem Partner machen, da man ja dabei das grösste Vertrauen hat.

  2. Kristina Beigang Post author

    Hallo, das ist doch kein Problem. Bringe Deinen Partner einfach mit. 🙂 Viele Grüße, Kris

  3. Vea

    Gibts es dieses Jahr ein solches Angebot, allenfalls auch für Anfänger?

  4. Annegret

    Hallo, gibt es im August Angebote oder Workshops? ich habe vor mit dem VW Bus eine Tour zu machen und einen Kurs mit verbinden. Freu mich auf Nachricht. Danke, viele Grüße Annegret

  5. Isabella

    Hi! Wir sind zu zweit, mein Freund klettert Level 5+/6- im Vorstieg am Fels, ich bin aktuell bei 4+/5- im Vorstieg und bin selbst Yogalehrerin. Ich finde euer Angebot super toll gibt es das auch für Fortgeschrittene? Würde mich sehr drüber freuen! Liebe Grüße, isa

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