Fiestas in Finestrat

The Fiestasin Finestrat are held around every 24th of August for over a hundred years. The Fiestas” are dedicated to the patron saint of the village, San Bartolomé, and the Santísimo Cristo del Remedio.

During the celebrations, the village is colorfully decorated. The locals gather to wine and dine in the so-called Penyas” small bars in garages and private houses that are open only for the Fiestas”.

Fireworks are an everyday occurrence, whether early in the morning to get up Las Despertás“, in the evening, to say goodbye to the day, or simply to celebrate a big party, the Correfoc”. It pops, hisses, and burns everywhere.

Here are some impressions from this year’s Correfoc,” which found its completion in front of our home base in Finestrat:

Correfoc 2015

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Photo: Jörg Beigang

Fiestas in Finestrat from Kristina Beigang on Vimeo. Film Maker: Rhiannon Craze-Waldron.