Sella – Sector “Doggy Guantanamo” – Topo

20141107_Topo_Doggie Guantanamo

1. 7b+ 2. 7a 3. 6b+ 4. 6a+ 5. 6c 6. 6c

There is also a 6b+ to the left of the shown topo and a further 5 routes to the right, these are all 5’s and 6’s.

This is a new sector beyond sector “Final” at La Moleta in the Sella valley. It is possible to drive up to the yellow house at the top of the hill and parking is available, alternatively it is a short walk up the hill.

There are further sectors with grades from 5 to 7b+. We will post these in the future, however Continue Reading →

Climbing holidays in Alicante

As I headed for Alicante, I expected loads of older people, tourist traps with poor food, but also a wide variety of climbing opportunities. Traveling alone this time, I also knew I might have a challenge meeting climbers, due to the fact that I stayed in a touristy district. However, one evening in a cheesy karaoke bar, some young people recommended me to contact Continue Reading →