Climbing holidays in Alicante

As I headed for Alicante, I expected loads of older people, tourist traps with poor food, but also a wide variety of climbing opportunities. Traveling alone this time, I also knew I might have a challenge meeting climbers, due to the fact that I stayed in a touristy district. However, one evening in a cheesy karaoke bar, some young people recommended me to contact The Orange House in the village Finestrat for finding a climbing mate, and they passed me on to Kristina Beigang.

Being a relatively fresh sports climber, nothing would be better than to explore the district with an experienced climber that had good insight about the crags, and so I did with Kristina.

The first day we climbed routes on the sectors Doggie Guantanamo, and New Years Day in Sella. Here I got my first feel of limestone (unpolished), a rock that to my knowledge does not exist in Norway. What a funny kind of rock with the small cheese holes and strange variety of holds.

At the end of the day we made plans for climbing an easy multi-pitch called the magical mystery tour at the sea cliffs in Sierra de Toix in Calpe. An easy climb that includes both traversing and vertical climbing graded from 3 to 5. Kristina had the plan ready, and instructed me well on how to proceed with the equipment and the climb. Since this was my first multi-pitch climb, it felt extra good having an experienced climber with me.

Though the climb was technically easy, it was emotionally challenging belaying on the cliffs, compared to single-pitched sport climbs where your situated at the “safe ground”. It was a fantastic experience succeeding with the challenge and Kristina advised me very well in the preparing stage and during the climb. She described the concepts for this climb very well.

She also shared experiences and knowledge about several other climbs in the area and about the climbing scene in Alicante. It was very inspiring to hang out climbing with Kristina, and I am already planning my next trip back to climb more and meet more inspired people.

Felix Anker Klein, Norway

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  1. Antonio Carlos N.

    Hi Kristina & Toni,

    Ich bin der Carlos 39 und lebe mit meiner Familie in Villajoyosa und würde sehr gerne kontakt zu.
    Würde gerne mal klettern gehen, Höhlen erforschen oder wandern gehen wäre ein Träumchen.
    Natürlich auch super mal jemand Deutschsprachiges kennenzulernen.
    Meldet euch bei mir sehr gerne zu jeder Zeit über Whatsapp. 656727388
    Liebe Grüsse

    A. Carlos N.

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