Sierra de Toix

The “Morro deToix”, known by climbers as well as “Sierra de Toix”, is a natural wall between the beaches of Calpe in the North and Altea in the South. Geologically the “Morro de Toix” is a continuation of the”Sierra de Bernia” only divided by the Mascarat gorge. The whole range is 338 meters above sea level and about 1,5 km long. The “Morro de Toix” is easily accessible and therefore a popular location for a variety of different outdoor activities. All types of climbing are possible including sports climbing up to the 7th french grade, easy multi-pitches, spectacukar sea-cliffs as well as Deep Water Solo. All of this is possible at the “Morro de Toix” and makes it a excellent choice all year round. “Morro de Toix” is also a popular paraglinding area especially in winter as the surrounding beaches which are used as landing spots are not crowded. Within the sea there is a lot to discover as the steep cliffs of the South continue under the water to a depth up to 30 meters. These characteristics make “Morro de Toix” a popular destinations for recreational divers.

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