“Cabezón de Oro”

The “Cabezón de Oro” is at 1,209 meters among the higher peaks in the Costa Blanca. The whole range offers great views towards the coast line between the “Sierra Gelada” to the East and Alicante to the West as well as towards the mountainous back country with its main peaks “Aitana”, “Puig Campana”, “Els Plans” and “El Cid”. It is also know for its craggy rock formations which makes the whole area an interesting spot not only for climbers, but also for walkers.

The “Cabezón de Oro” range contains the show caves of the “Cuevas de Canelobre” as well. The underground cavern rises like a vaulted cathedral and is one of the highest caves in Spain. The caves are also used for concerts during the summer months.

As dedicated climbers we’ve been on various routes on the “Cabezón de Oro” mountain range so far. But on our last trip to the area we decided to walk up to the summit of the “Cabezón de Oro”. We started at the car park and passed the main climbing areas. When we left the unpaved roadway we continued on a steep zig-zag path passing a few old mines and caves which were created during Moorish times.

From the “Casa de Polset” we walked towards the summit which was covered in clouds when we arrived.

On our way there were lots of things to discover, for example, the Nativity scene attached onto a ledge in a small natural alcove as well as the ruin close to the top which houses a cave and a small shrine. Furthermore, the summit pillar has a box attached containing the summit book and a little ceramic dog.

As soon we were on our descent the clouds disappeared and we could enjoy the nice views towards Alicante and the coast. The way down led us via easy terrain to the “Cuevas de Canelobre” and from there back to the car.

This walk is definitely one of the nicer walks in the area. So, if you are interested in further information or guided walks, please, don’t hesitate to contact us.