Climbing at “La Moleta” in Sella – Topo

Sella’s newly bolted area of “La Moleta” currently consists of the following sectors “New Year’s Day”, “Bear”, “Doggy Guantanamo”, “Trad Buttress” and “Solo Sunrise”. All sectors offer great climbing on pristine limestone and splendid views towards “Puig Campana”, the “Castellets Ridge”, the walls of “Rosalia” and “Tafarmach” and the village of Sella. Bolts were sponsored by the “Orange House Bolt Fund” and by everybody who is mentioned on the following pages. If you find a loose hanger or any other fault with the fixed gear when climbing the routes, please, get in touch with us and we will correct it. In our current mini-guide (Download) we cover the sectors “Bear” and “Doggy Guantanamo”, but you could get further information on the other routes which will be published soon just contact us. It’s definitely worth to spend a day and if you are in good luck a brew will delivered to you while climbing!