Gorge Walking in the Costa Blanca – The “Barranco de Relleu”

As temperatures are rising here at the Costa Blanca we decided to cool down a little bit and moved our office for a day into the “Barranco de Relleu” – an impressive canyon which connects the old “Embalse de Relleu” built in the 17th century with the modern “Embalse de Amadorio” of Orxeta.

The walk-in

As it hasn’t properly rained for weeks and the “Embalse de Amadorio” is at quite low levels we were warned that we might have to fight mud instead of water. But, the Costa Blanca is full of surprises, so the gorge walk turned into a cool refreshment on a lovely day in April.

Start of the walk

We’ve to go down there!

We got dropped off in Relleu and after a short walk we reached the old damn and abseiled into the gorge which welcomed us with pleasant temperatures, a more or less dry path and a big variety of plants. We started our walk through the gorge and scrambled up and down rocks. But before we could get used to a dry, but maybe muddy walk to Orxeta, the “barranco” narrowed and we found ourselves swimming in the first pool. And it wouldn’t be the last time.


Narrow cliffs and dry path, but it wouldn’t stay like that!

Just wade through!

Pools in the canyon!

The canyon started to show us all of its beauty – impressive and nicely carved rock formations, a big variety of plants in and out of the water, many frogs, drops which required a bit of rope work, scrambles and many further pools which we’d to pass wading or swimming.

Is it deep?

No, maybe just a little bit wet.

After two hours the canyon opened a bit and we took a small break to relax in the sun which entered the gorge on a few places during our walk.

Lunch time!

The last passage of the canyon welcomed us again with deep pools and impressive rock formations. We really enjoyed the variety of pools and shapes of the rock around. We left the canyon after  3 hours and walked through the empty river bed into the “Embalse de Amadorio” where we left the car to get back to Finestrat.

The end of the gorge walk!

The end of the gorge walk!

Our conclusion of the day – the “Barranco de Relleu” is definitely worth a visit between April and November and we are really looking forward to going back.

If you like to experience this beautiful gorge walk, we would be happy to guide you. Just contact us for further information.